NQP Bluebird Monitoring Team Nominated for Volunteer of the Year in York County

The New Quarter Park Bluebird Monitoring Team was nominated for a Volunteer of the Year award by Molly Nealer of York County. The team received the accolade at the April Board of Supervisors meeting at York Hall, April 16, 2013. Team leaders Jan Lockwood and Lois Ullman, as well as team members Joyce Lowry and Jeanette Navia were on hand to receive the award. HRC members Shirley Devan, Nancy Barnhart and Sara Lewis (who originally started the whole Bluebird Monitoring Project for the Historic Rivers Chapter in the first place) also attended the meeting.

About Jeanette

Webmistress of the Historic Rivers Chapter / Virginia Master Naturalists as well as of the Williamsburg Bird Club. I'm a library cataloger by day for the Williamsburg Regional Library. I was in Cohort III of the Historic Rivers Chapter.
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