Volunteer projects dealing with dendrology

  • [C2m] Nature’s Notebook Observe plants and animals in your area and report observations. HRC Contact: Susan Powell
  • [C4a] Project Budburst Monitor a plant and report your observations as the seasons change, noting important phenophases of the plant’s life cycle. Phenophases include things such as the plant’s first flower for the season, the first leaf, the first fruit, etc. These observations help scientists  and researches understand
  • [C4b] Virginia Big Tree Project Nominate big trees in for the database of big trees in Virginia. HRC Contact: Larry Riddick
  • [C4b] Remarkable Trees of Virginia Nominate remarkable trees: Virginia’s largest, most historic, beautiful and beloved trees. HRC Contact: Larry Riddick
    Each C4b project requires initial training and access to the Internet.
  • [C4d] VIMS Wetland Tree Investigation The study seeks to improve the understanding of successful forested wetland restoration by investigating the growth and survival of 7 species of native wetland trees planted in three hydrologically distinct mesocosm cells at the Virginia Department of Forestry New Kent Forestry Center. HRC Contact: Les Lawrence
  • [S3b] New Kent Forestry Acorn Collection and Pine Seed Processing Collect acorns and shake and wash pine seeds. HRC Contact: Mary Apperson

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