Volunteer Projects for Historic Rivers Chapter Members

This is a sample of the projects with which Master Naturalists in the Historic Rivers Chapter have been involved.

Citizen Science Opportunities

  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology Projects including:
    • “Project FeederWatch”
    • “NestWatch Project”
  • DGIF Quail Call and Rabbit Count Survey
  • Diamond-backed Terrapin Survey – “Terp Search”
  • Hawk Watches
  • Local Christmas and Spring Bird Counts
  • “Nature’s Notebook” – USA National Phenology Project
  • “North American Bird Phenology Project”
  • “Project Budburst”
  • Prothonotary Warbler Nest Box Monitoring
  • Vernal Pools Study
  • VIMS Wetland Tree Investigation at the New Kent Forestry Center
  • Virginia Frog and Toad Calling Survey
  • Wildlife Mapping

Education and Outreach Opportunities

  • Information Booths at Events including:
    • “Cabin Fever” at New Quarter Park
    • “Earth Day” at Waller Mill
    • “Estuaries Day” at York River State Park
    • James City County Parks and Recreation “Expo”
    • Williamsburg Farmer’s Market
    • York County “Horticultural Extravaganza”
  • Lead or Assist with Walk and Talks including:
    • Bird Walks
    • Butterfly Walks
    • Frog and Toad Calling Walks
    • Insect Walks
    • Native Plant Walks
    • Owl Prowls
  • Nature-Friendly Yardscaping Program
  • Photographic Exhibition Project

Stewardship Opportunities

  • Acorn Collection and Pine Seed Processing at New Kent Forestry Center
  • Bobwhite Quail Habitat Restoration Project
  • “Clean the Bay” Day
  • Elementary School Nature Garden Creation or Restoration
  • “Grasses for the Masses” – Aquatic Vegetation Restoration in the Chesapeake Bay
  • Invasive Species Management Projects
  • “Living Shoreline” Project at Jamestown 4-H Educational Center
  • Native Plant Rescues
  • Oyster Restoration Projects with VIMS and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation
  • Trail and Park Maintenance at State and Local Parks

Other Opportunities

  • Assist with the Organization and Management of Chapter Photographs
  • Contribute to “Project Toolbox”
  • Contribute to the Chapter Newsletter
  • Manage or Assist with Basic Training Classes
  • Participate on the Board of Directors or other Committees

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