Record Butterfly Count at Tip of Eastern Shore

…or very close to a record. Final tally is not yet available but the team at Kiptopeke State Park observed 35 species of butterflies Sunday, July 29, 2012. Considering that the high species count for the entire circle was 41, we were very pleased with the day’s count. Seven members of Historic Rivers Chapter of VA Master Naturalists participated in this fun count. Led by Brian Taber, the Kiptopeke team included Susie Engle, Les Lawrence, Hart Haynes, Cheryl Jacobson, and Shirley Devan. Elisa Enders from Portsmouth helped out too! Many thanks to Brian Taber, President of the Coastal VA Wildlife Observatory, the sponsor of the event, who knew just where to look for the butterflies.

Participating on another team in this circle was Adrienne Frank and Gary Driscole.

Photos here are by Hart Haynes whose photos helped identify several species in the field. Thanks, Hart!

How many of these butterflies can you identify?

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