Tick bites: Ticks are biting in Hampton Roads, causing illness. From dailypress.com

From the June 7 Daily Press:

Dr. Michael Rogowski, co-founder of Med Express, says the number of tick-bite cases has increased in the last year. The urgent care centers are affiliated with Riverside.

According to the Virginia Department of Health, the tick-borne diseases most common in Virginia are Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and ehrlichiosis, a disease with symptoms similar to Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Rogowski said he’s seen a larger number of Lyme disease cases related to tick bites.

Weather patterns might be the cause of a significant increase in the bug’s population. Experts say a wet summer season could produce more ticks in Hampton Roads.

via Tick bites: Ticks are biting in Hampton Roads, causing illness – dailypress.com.

Download a Tick Identification Poster from the Virginia Department of Health.

Read more information about ticks at the Virginia Department of Health. Click on the link for Lyme Disease to download a .pdf copy of a letter from State Health Commissioner Karen Remley to Virginia physicians. It has maps and charts. There is also good information about tick-borne diseases at the CDC.

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