Cohort X Geology Field Trip 2015

David Lunt took these photos on Cohort X’s Geology Field Trip to Yorktown and the Cornwallis Cave on December 5.

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Mastodon articles in the Washington Post and Virginian-Pilot

Article in the Washington Post: Was the Virginia mastodon really there, or was this a big mistake? (it wasn’t a mistake!) Credit is given to the volunteers from the Historic Rivers Chapter.

And another article, Rare find: Mastodon bones unearthed in Yorktown, in the Virginian Pilot.

Gerald Johnson, at the site of the mastodon dig. Members of the Historic Rivers Chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalists helped him dig the bones.


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Holiday Party 2015!

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2016 Nancy Norton Nature Camp Scholarship

Applications for the scholarships should be postmarked no later than November 30th

The Nancy Norton Nature Camp scholarships are intended to support students who truly have an interest in learning about the natural world and who can work and learn both independently and in groups. You see, Nature Camp is unique in its academic focus. Since it began in 1942, Nature Camp has emphasized hands-on, field-based, experiential education in natural history and environmental studies. If you are selected, you will be required to attend daily classes, to take notes and to maintain a notebook, to complete all written assignments, and to participate in outdoor activities in all types of weather. You will be expected to accept academic challenges with enthusiasm, commitment, and hard work. Campers in the past have discovered the joy of learning and have often returned the next year for more of what Nature Camp has to offer. You will also be expected to come to a Virginia Master Naturalist meeting in May to briefly meet our members and to return again in September to speak to us about your experience.

2016 Nancy Norton Nature Camp Scholarship


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Historic Rivers Members Enjoy the Southeast Regional Conference of the Virginia Master Naturalists

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